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Steel City Selects Announces Summer Water Polo Program

By Webmaster, 04/01/17, 2:45PM EDT


Innovation and Fitness on Display When Ice Melts

Faced with the inevitable effects of physics and natural law, the Steel City Selects organization took a bold step today in announcing a new, innovative summer water polo program to keep their players engaged and in shape after things get warm.  “We knew this was coming; it happens every year,” said one board member when asked if melting ice could have been foreseen.

So, the group launched a sub-committee, scheduled brainstorming sessions, and engaged some of the country’s foremost experts on temperature and water science.  The results – water polo.  “We’ve seen that sort of thing in the Olympics, so I guess it was in the back of our minds all along,” said the committee chairperson.  “Then we started to make the connection – water frozen, water melted.  Nets and some object to move up and down the ‘field’ of play.  All of a sudden, someone shouted ‘water polo’ and the idea was born.”

The committee cautions that there are still a few details to be worked out.  For example, a hockey rink only has about an inch and a half of ice, not quite deep enough for water polo.  And there are open questions about whether or not the players should still be allowed to use their sticks.

Still, the organization is committed to making the most of a challenging situation. “The fact of the matter is that warm temperatures melt ice,” said one parent.  “How we deal with that and make it work to our advantage will be the test of our innovation and resolve.”